Prevalence of Hamstring Tightness Among Healthcare Workers

Hamstring Tightness among Healthcare Workers


  • Komal Jamil Bahria University Health Sciences Karachi, Pakistan
  • Shawn Robinson South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom
  • Sara Amir Abro Liaquat National School of Physiotherapy Karachi, Pakistan
  • Shaista Hayat Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Dewan University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Kashmala Zia Northwest Institute of Health Sciences, Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Obaida Arzoo Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Fatima Zaidi Sindh Government Hospital New Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Shaheryar Ashraf College of Rehabiliation Sciences, Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan



Hamstring, Body Mass Index, Healthcare Workers, Straight Leg Raise, Active Knee Extension


Hamstring tightness is the incapability of the muscle to move more than 160 degrees of extension of the knee while 90 degrees is flexion of the hip is called tightness of the hamstring. Mostly seen that the higher ratio of hamstring tightness occurs in the right lower limb. Objective: To determine the prevalence of hamstring tightness among healthcare workers. Methods: It was a cross-sectional study conducted on hamstring tightness among healthcare workers in Karachi from July 2023 to Jan 2024. The sample size of the study was 643 healthcare workers. The convenient sampling techniques was used. For the evaluation: SLR(Straight leg raise) and AKE(Active knee extension) were used. The data were analyzed through the SPSS version 23.0. Results: A total number of 643 healthcare professionals of both genders were recruited from hospitals in Karachi. There were 197 (30.63%) physical therapists who were found to be the tightness of the hamstring muscle. The ranges of body mass index among healthcare workers are higher in the underweight BMI category. The severity of hamstring muscle tightness in males was observed higher between 31 to 45 degrees in the right lower limb as compared to the left. The severity of hamstring muscle tightness in females was observed higher between 31 to 45 degrees in the right lower limb as compared to the left. Conclusions: The prevalence of hamstring was found in all healthcare workers of research but the highest percentage was found in physical therapists as compared to other professions. 


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DOI: 10.54393/tt.v5i01.200
Published: 2024-03-31

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