Neck Pain Among Auto Drivers


  • Shanza Khalid University Institute Of Physical Therapy, University Of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Faiza Sharif University Institute Of Physical Therapy, University Of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Ashfaq Ahmad University Institute Of Physical Therapy, University Of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Syed Amir Gilani University Institute Of Physical Therapy, University Of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan



Mechanicalneckpainisalsoreferredasnon-specificneckpain.Itmaydefineaspainwhich is aggravated by movement, relived by rest and that is not associated with serious underlying pathology.Among drivers, complaintsconcerningthemusculoskeletalsystemaremostfrequentlyreportedfromtheneck,shoulderand lower back. The driving sitting position is featured by non-neutral spinal postures, generally a reduction in neutrallumbarlordosisandanincreasedordecreasedneckflexion. Objective: To find out the association of neck pain and scapular position among auto drivers.Methods:  It was a cross sectional study. Data was collected by 160 auto drivers on basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria. VAS was used for pain intensity and distance between scapula and spinous process was measured by Vernier caliper. Data was entered and analyzed using IBM SPSS version 21.0. Descriptive statistics was given in form of mean and standard deviation.Result:  The results of current study showed that the mean value of scapular protraction of right side when hands at rest was 6.96, when hands on hip was 7.56 and when 90 degree glenohumeral abduction with internal rotation was 7.19. For visual analog scale scoring for right side when hands at rest the mean score was 5.84 and when hands on hip it was 6.84, and when 90o degree abduction the score was 6.44. When we discuss about the scapular protraction for the left side when hands were at rest the mean value was 6.87 and when hands on hip it was 7.53 and 90o glenohumeral abduction with internal rotation was 7.5. Similarly, VAS scoring for left side hands at rest is 5.61, for hands on hip was 6.65 and 90pglenohumeral abduction.Conclusions:This study explains that there is significant difference on hand in different of three positions in drivers who worked for long hours in abnormal posture. Scapular protraction is high when hand placed at hip, also a VAS for neck pain is high in both right and left side


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DOI: 10.54393/tt.v1i1.2
Published: 2020-06-30

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